Erase unknown threats.
Secure your hybrid cloud.

Detect and respond to cyberattacks in your cloud in minutes

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Attack Signal Intelligence™

The threat signal that empowers security analysts to:

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Think like an attacker

AI-driven Detections go beyond signatures and anomalies to understand attacker behavior and zero in on attacker TTPs across the cyber kill chain.

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Know what is malicious

AI-driven Triage analyzes detection patterns unique to your environment to surface relevant events and reduce noise.

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Focus on the urgent

AI-driven Prioritization provides a view of threats by severity and impact enabling analysts to focus on responding to critical threats thus lowering business risk.

Threat Detection and Response platform and services

for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Harnessing Attack Signal Intelligence to detect, hunt, and investigate known and unknown threats in real-time, empower your security team to identify attacks at the earliest possible stage and stop them before they become breaches.

Vectra platform and ecosystemVectra platform and ecosystem
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Stay ahead of modern cyberattacks

Complete attack surface coverage and signal clarity puts your defenders in control against emerging, evasive and sophisticated cyber attackers.

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Attack Coverage

Erase unknown threats across 4 of your 5 attack surfaces – Cloud, SaaS, Identity, Networks.

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Signal Clarity

Harness Attack Signal Intelligence™ to automatically detect, triage and prioritize unknown threats.

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Intelligent Control

Arm human intelligence to hunt, investigate, and respond to unknown threats.

Modular products and services future-proof your attack defense

Vectra NDR

Network Detection and Response for on-prem and cloud networks.

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Vectra CDR for M365

Cloud Detection and Response for Microsoft 365 SaaS.

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Vectra IDR for Azure AD

Identity Detection and Response for Microsoft AD and Azure AD.

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Vectra CDR for AWS

Cloud Detection and Response for AWS services.

Vectra MDR

Managed Detection and Response services.

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Vectra Ecosystem

Integrate with your existing stack.

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We share responsibility for your attack defense

Modernize your SOC with Vectra threat detection and response

Resilience: Future-proof as your attack surface expands

  • Reduce deployment time from months to days if not hours
  • Reduce mean time to detect and respond to attacks
  • Employ reinforcements at the ready with Vectra MDR
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Efficiency: Reduce time, cost, and complexity

  • Reduce SIEM costs and maintenance
  • Automate everyday manual tasks
  • Optimize existing EDR, SOAR and ITSM
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Efficacy: Arm human intelligence to be more effective

  • Reduce alert fatigue and analyst burnout
  • Streamline analyst workstreams, increase analyst throughput
  • Build analyst expertise and skills defending against modern attacks
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Why 4 out of 5 choose Vectra in head-to-head
evaluations vs. leading competitors

Think like an attacker

“Vectra has helped our organization find the threats that all our security vendor products combined could not.”

– IT Security Officer, Software company

Know what is malicious

“You don’t get many alerts, and if you get one, you better look at it because it is a good quality alert”

– Head of IT Security,
Global Retail Company

Focus on the urgent

“We have confidence that Vectra will trigger when legitimate network-based attacks are happening.”

– Sr. Security Admin, Healthcare Provider

Time matters.

Reduce your detection and response time to cloud cyberattacks to minutes.

Vectra sees cloud attacks in progress so you can stop them from becoming breaches.

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