See what’s hiding in your cloud.

Shine a light on Azure Active Directory security gaps. Vectra ProtectTM is advanced protection for the essential business tool, providing vital business security with the only vulnerability management tool designed to discover and mitigate the complexities in Microsoft 365.

Don’t think you’re secure. Know it.

Vectra Protect combines 50,000+ hours of R&D by red team experts with robotic process automation for rapid visibility into risks, context on how to fix them, and their operational impact.

Vectra Protect is a Microsoft-approved partner and member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. We collaborate with Microsoft experts to create the best security solutions for today’s businesses.

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Essential protection for Microsoft 365

Defend beyond the default.

Change is constant within Microsoft 365 - caused by updates from Microsoft, internal changes to empower the workforce, or malicious attacks. You need tools that help you protect this dynamic environment.

Scan broader. Dig deeper.

Vectra Protect delves deeper into the configuration complexities of Microsoft 365 and arms you with key information to protect your productivity suite quickly and properly.

Collaborate with confidence.

We provide solutions in context, including the risk severity of vulnerabilities, alterations from the default state, and the operations impact of the required solution.

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