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Automate Detection of Cyberthreats in Real Time.

Why Wait?

May 15, 2015

Time is a big expense when it comes to detecting cyber threats and malware. The proliferation of new malware variants makes it impossible to detect and prevent zero-day threats in real-time. Sandboxing takes at least 30 minutes to analyze a file and deliver a signature—and by then, threats will have spread to many more endpoints.

However, cybersecurity based on data science, machine learning and behavioral analytics can identify the cyberattackers spying, spreading and stealing inside the perimeter in real-time and automatically correlate these behaviors to the computer being attacked. This approach provides security analysts with actionable insight to stop the attack and to prevent further damage.

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Prevention security at the network perimeter provides one imperfect chance to stop an attack. Security professionals need automated real-time malware detection and prioritized risk reporting that show what an attacker is doing in their network and provide multiple opportunities to stop an attack. The Vectra software is the first to bring this level of intelligence and automation. Read this white paper to learn how.