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Conduct Faster, Context-driven Investigations
into Active Cyberattacks with Vectra and Chronicle

November 19, 2019

Cyberattackers with sophisticated hacking tools or the right stolen password can easily circumvent network perimeter security to spy, spread and steal assets inside networks. This gap leaves security teams saddled with manual, time-consuming threat investigations and costly forensic analysis, often after damage is done.

The Cognito threat detection and response platform from Vectra now seamlessly integrates AI-based threat hunting and incident response of Chronicle Backstory, a global security telemetry platform, for increased context during investigations and hunts and greater operational intelligence.

The integration pulls the Cognito metadata-enriched detections directly into the Chronicle Backstory dashboard. Now, organizations can incorporate high-value detections from Cognito into their existing workflows and automate correlation in the Backstory security telemetry, providing greater context to threats and attacks.

The new integration with Cognito and Chronicle Backstory easily connects and correlates Vectra’s findings with other third-party solutions, pulling in additional context for the security team. Chronicle also captures, indexes and correlates Cognito threat detections in real-time, making them available in a searchable repository so security teams can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualizations.

Learn more about the Vectra and Chronicle partnership in the solution brief.