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Cybereason integration: Obtain full visibility and faster responses

Ethan Durand
February 25, 2020

For security teams there is nothing worse than being bombarded by unprioritised, time consuming, alerts. The lack of visibility, correlation, and context between network and endpoint data for incidents cause for tedious and slow investigations leading to delayed responses.

That’s why we are happy to announce the integration of Vectra Cognito automated threat detection and response platform with Cybereason, an endpoint prevention, detection and response and active monitoring platform. This integration allows security teams to easily correlate data for end-to-end visibility from the endpoint across the network.

Vectra Cognito and Cybereason integrate via API to share network and endpoint data to accelerate security investigations and enable rapid response to incidents.

With additional attributes and context at their fingertips, the Vectra and Cybereason integration greatly reduces security operation workload and enables faster response times. Security staff can kill processes, quarantine files, prevent file execution, or isolate machines to effectively stop cyberattacks and prevent lateral movement across the enterprise.

Together, Cognito and Cybereason provides visibility into all enterprise environments, supporting hybrid, multi-cloud, or on-premises deployments with ease to combat against today’s modern cyberattacks. Learn more in the solution brief.

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Ethan Durand

Ethan Durand is a content marketing intern at Vectra. He is currently pursuing a Business Marketing degree from San Jose State University and has been with Vectra since 2018.

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