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Forescout integration: Gain real-time visibility and automated response

Jitin Dhanani
November 4, 2019

As the scale and sophistication of network threats continue to increase, organizations need greater visibility into threats as well as the devices and accounts in their network to respond effectively against cyberattacks.

Today, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Forescout. The integration of the Cognito network detection and response platform with the Forescout device visibility and control platform provides inside-the-network threat detection and response, a critical layer of defense in today’s security infrastructure.

The Forescout platform delivers absolute real-time visibility and control of all the diverse types of devices connected to the enterprise network while the Cognito platform from Vectra constantly analyzes network traffic to reveal all phases of an active cyberattack.

Cognito scores and ranks network hosts by risk and when an infected device is identified, its IP address and threat certainty are pushed to Forescout. The integration then enables automated remediation actions including dynamic segmentation, quarantining infected devices, blocking communication with a C&C server, and preventing data exfiltration across all device types and network tiers.

With this joint solution, Vectra and Forescout have created a new class of defense. Learn more in the solution brief.

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Jitin Dhanani

Jitin Dhanani is the WW leader of Business Development at Vectra, where he oversees and manages Vectra’s ecosystem of technology alliance, managed security services (MSS), SI, OEM and cloud service provider partners. He is a business executive leader with 20 years of experience spanning Corporate Development, Strategy & Planning, and Management Consulting roles helping high tech companies drive sustainable growth and competitive market position by developing strong ecosystem partnerships and presence.

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