COVID-19 update from hitesh sheth

COVID-19 Update

from Hitesh Sheth

Dear Vectra Customers,

As a valued member of the Vectra community, we greatly appreciate the trust you place in us to effectively manage your network detection and response requirements within your security operation. We are in the middle of an unprecedented global event with COVID-19 that is causing disruption in the way we live and work. While we wait for the situation to normalize, the reality is that cyber attackers will see this as an opportunity. Therefore, I wanted to assure you that Vectra remains committed to your security needs and will continue to deliver the service and support you need.

Continuity of Service
There is currently no foreseen impact to the operation of our services. Vectra has a business continuity program in place, and the program includes a response strategy that addresses a wide range of possible scenarios that could result from escalating COVID-19 outbreak. Our cloud-based offerings are designed to be available and provide continuous service to our customers 24x7. As such, our support systems and processes are designed for remote management and administration.

Availability in-person or remote
Vectra already has a globally distributed workforce that regularly conducts meetings remotely via video conference. Please notify us if your company or local policy is advising remote meetings and we will gladly convert any scheduled onsite meetings or consulting engagements to remote. We do ask you to consider turning on the video capability for remote meetings; it is our belief that video enhances the meeting experience. Please contact us directly to discuss any accommodation you would like regarding our support or services.

Ongoing evaluations
To avoid any possible delays or disruption in ongoing evaluations, there are a number of built in, 3rd party remote access/sharing solutions available to allow our team of security engineers to work with your teams remotely. As a global organization, Vectra delivers critical services across geographies to ensure that our operations are not impacted.

Product delivery
As a best practice to support our customers, we plan for our product needs well in advance and monitor for disruptions that may impact our product delivery and lead times. At this time, we have not experienced any significant disruptions or impacts with our suppliers but we will continue to monitor that situation.

Opportunity for cyber attackers
While COVID-19 sparks an array of concerns for organizations, cybersecurity must remain a priority. Attackers are opportunistic and COVID-19 presents a multitude of opportunities for compromise which includes malicious email attachments, links, and mobile alerts disguised as helpful information to the unknowing employee. The risk is further amplified due to the large number of people being required to work remotely, often from home where their security set up will likely be sub optimal.

As a community, our first priority is the health and well-being of all of us. Right behind that is ensuring that we provide all the support you need from us.  At Vectra, we take great pride in putting our customers first. Therefore, every employee at Vectra, starting with me, is on standby to assist. Just let us know.

Best Regards,


Hitesh Sheth