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ESG Lab Review: Vectra Cognito-Automating security operations with AI

Cognito uses multiple AI techniques—supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms that make use of a wide range of data science models, including deep learning, neural networks, and always-learning behavioral models, to adapt and evolve to detect hidden and unknown attacks and attackers.

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Publication date:

October 1, 2017


Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), an integrated IT research, analysis, and strategy firm, developed this lab review exploring the Vectra Cognito AI platform, and we'd like you to have the opportunity to read it.

Here's just a few nuggets of the good stuff in the report:

  • 45% of organizations claim to have a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills
  • 39% of cybersecurity professionals say that their organization has experienced one or more incidents resulting in the need to reimage one or more endpoint or server
  • 32% of cybersecurity professionals say strengthening cybersecurity tools and processes are the most important IT initiatives for 2017

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