Threat Detection and Response Proof of Value

Try it here. Try it there. Try it Anywhere.

Try Vectra Threat Detection and Response Proof of Value from the comfort of your remote office or anywhere.

There is:

  • no equipment to install
  • no network configuration changes to get approved
  • no data governance issues to resolve
  • no concerns about impacting a production environment to limit the scope of testing

Try it in your SOC. Try it in your NOC.

Get a view into a sample production environment with threats ranging from low threat/confidence to high threat/confidence. Learn how these insights are seamlessly integrated into the metadata to allow for extensive threat hunting and triaging of events.

Try it for your SaaS. Try it for your IaaS.

Participate in a Vectra hosted attack simulation workshop where Vectra Security Engineers will execute an assumed compromise attack simulation using real world tools in a replicated common IT environment. This workshop is key to understanding how the Vectra platform differentiates by detecting behaviors that are indicative of an attack in progress.


I am Security e-Book

Find out how to plan and resource a successful PoV from anywhere with Vectra Security.