Vectra for the Energy and Utilities Industries


How Hydro Ottawa reduced time spent on threat investigations


Identify Attack Scenarios Common in Energy and Utilities

  • Expose attacker behaviors without relying on signatures, to easily spot attacks like Flame, Shamoon, Duqu and other malware
  • Detect, prioritize and respond faster to internal recon threat behaviors as attackers search for critical management systems
  • Identify lateral movement by attackers who attempt to steal administrative and account credentials
  • Detect hidden command-and-control tunnels used by attackers to evade firewalls and steal data

“Vectra dramatically reduces the time we spend on threat investigations.”

Jojo Maalouf

IT Security Manager

Hydro Ottawa

Vectra provides energy and utility companies with the fastest and most efficient way to find attacks inside industrial IoT, OT and ICS networks as well as cloud, data centers and enterprise networks.

Automate threat detections

AI-derived machine learning algorithms detect attacker behaviors in real-time for faster response and remediation and more efficient, precise threat hunting.

Empower threat hunters

Launch deeper and broader investigations into incidents detected by Vectra as well as other security stack controls, and hunt retrospectively for hidden cyberthreats.

Achieve greater visibility

High-fidelity visibility into all network traffic, including the actions of cloud and data center workloads and user and IoT devices, leaving attackers with nowhere to hide.

Capture and enrich metadata

Capture, analyze and enrich metadata from all network traffic with context about an attack, relevant logs and cloud events for faster threat hunting and investigations.