Learn how you can detect and stop attackers in Office 365

Secure Your Spot

Identify Attack Scenarios Common in Manufacturing

  • Real-time, automated detection of command-and-control attack behaviors, including the use of external remote access tools.
  • Identify malicious internal reconnaissance behaviors such as internal darknet scans and SMB account scans.
  • Detect SMB brute-force attacks and other lateral threat behaviors.
  • Expose and mitigate hidden data-smuggling behaviors associated with the exfiltration phase of a cyberattack.

“Vectra gives us the confidence to identify attacker behaviors in real-time.”

David Whelan

Group IT Director

The Ardagh Group, manufacturer of metal and glass packaging

Vectra enables manufacturers to detect and respond to in-progress cyberattacks with unprecedented speed – across cloud, data center, industrial IoT, and enterprise networks. Driven by AI, Vectra is instrumental in protecting manufacturers from data theft, espionage, and business disruption.

Automate threat detections

AI-derived machine learning algorithms detect attacker behaviors in real-time for faster response and remediation and more efficient, accurate threat hunting.

Empower threat hunters

Launch deeper and broader investigations into incidents detected by Vectra as well as other security stack controls, and hunt retrospectively for hidden cyberthreats.

Visibility into the attack surface

Visibility into all network traffic across the manufacturing attack surface, including behaviors in cloud and data center workloads and user and industrial IoT devices.

Capture and enrich metadata

Capture, analyze and enrich metadata from all network traffic with context about attacks, relevant logs and cloud events for faster threat hunting and investigations.