AI network detection that halts ransomware before encryption occurs.

Don’t wait for a ransom note—Vectra sees and stops ransomeware before it hurts by rapidly responding to the telltale signs of compromise and attacker behaviors

Ransomware is evolving, your threat detection and response approach should too.

Ransomware attacks are changing from broad, automated,  and disparate events to human-driven highly targeted attacks. New generations of ransomware often use stolen credentials that grant the attacker privileged access signature-based safeguards cannot prevent.

In response, businesses must comprehensively monitor network traffic for signs of compromise and malicious  behavior—beyond the limitations of endpoint detection.

Recognize the tell tale signs of ransomware at the earliest possible opportunity using Cognito Threat detection and response.

High fidelity, security-enriched data with a 360-degree view of your environment

AI-driven detections with security-context grounded in specific hosts and identities

Monitor both internal (east-west) and internet-bound (north-south) traffic, as well as activity between physical and IP-based virtual hosts