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Jim Messina Joins Vectra Networks Board of Directors

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June 17, 2014

Vectra Networks, the leader of real-time detection of cyberattacks in-progress, today announced that Jim Messina has joined its board of directors.

"Jim understands the transformative power of data analytics which were employed in the 2012 presidential campaign," said Hitesh Sheth, president and CEO of Vectra Networks. "We look forward to his support and to the unique insight he will bring to Vectra as we redefine enterprise security."

Jim Messina is the founder and CEO of the Messina Group, a consulting firm with offices in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, CA. Messina Group uses state-of-the-art data analytic tools to model and target likely customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional research and marketing methods. The firm brings these cutting-edge data, targeting and communications strategies to international, non-government, and private sector clients.

Jim Messina was the architect of Barack Obama's 2012 data-driven re-election campaign. Messina served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff and has served as chief of staff to several prominent members of Congress, including Senator Max Baucus. Messina serves as chairman of Organizing for Action, the advocacy group promoting the President’s policies, and co-chairman of the progressive super PAC Priorities Action USA. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Montana.

About Vectra Networks

Vectra Networks is the leader of real-time detection of cyber attacks in progress. The Vectra X-series breach detection platform continuously monitors network traffic to automatically detect any phase of an ongoing cyber attack. The platform provides visually intuitive reports of hosts under attack and context about what the attacker is doing. Vectra automatically prioritizes attacks that pose the greatest business risk, enabling organizations to quickly make decisions on where to focus their time and resources. Vectra Networks’ investors include Khosla Ventures, IA Ventures and AME Cloud Ventures. The company’s headquarters are in San Jose, Calif. Visit for more information.

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