Vectra Services

Vectra services are focused on unlocking the potential of your security operations. A customizable portfolio of options gives you access to our dedicated and highly-skilled team of experts.

Each expert will augment your team within-depth technical knowledge gained from hundreds of successful Cognito deployments and from securing the world’s most critical business assets.

Vectra security assessment (VSA)

Vectra offers a complimentary service for Cognito customers to identify opportunities to improve their security posture and identify compliance gaps. As part of this assessment, you will have access to expanded Cognito capabilities at no additional charge.

The Vectra security assessment gives you access to our dedicated team of experts, who will customize a set of prioritized recommendations to help you manage and reduce risk.

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Why get a security assessment?

Identify security gaps

Categorize compliance weaknesses

Prioritized and customized recommendations

Deployment and implementation services

To ensure that you are enabled and operating as quickly as possible with complete visibility from cloud to enterprise, expert solutions engineers from Vectra are available to deploy and integrate the Cognito platform into your operational workflows and security stack.

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Cognito Sidekick Service

Continuously up-level your security operations with the collective expertise gained across hundreds of Cognito platform deployments and securing the world’s most consequential data environments. Vectra security experts will thoroughly analyze your Cognito platform environment to identify indicators of compromise in your organization. Your Vectra security expert will meet with you regularly to present findings from weekly threat investigations, analyze attacker detections, and address challenges or questions about your Cognito platform.

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Consulting services

Red team/blue team consulting

Test how well your security operations team, SOC processes and integrated security technologies protect your critical assets.

Incident investigation services

Incident responders investigate and mitigate attacker detections to proactively minimize the impact on your organization.


Enhance your security team’s operational skills and improve its ability to detect and respond quickly to in-progress attacks.

Synchronize security operations with Cognito and Sidekick