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Cognito® is the ultimate AI-powered
network detection and response platform

Transforming Tier-1 analysts into Tier-3 expertsTM

Cognito platform: The right data with the right context

AI detects attackers in real time and enriches threat investigations with a conclusive chain of evidence

Cognito platform

The right data with the right context

Cognito platform collects and stores the right network metadata and augments it with machine learning

  • High-fidelity metadata
  • Security-enriched metadata
  • Real-time and historical metadata
  • Scalable architecture
  • 360° visibility: user, data center and cloud
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Cognito Stream

Network metadata with an opinion

Cognito Stream sends security-enriched metadata in Zeek format to data lakes and/or SIEM

  • Correlate network metadata with other data sources
  • Build custom tools and models to detect, investigate and hunt
  • Leverage all existing Zeek tooling
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Cognito Recall

Built for investigation and hunting

Cognito Recall is a cloud-based application to store and interact with security-enriched metadata

  • Hunt for threats retrospectively
  • Accelerate incident investigations
  • Focus on security not infrastructure
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Cognito Detect

The power of AI to detect and prioritize

Cognito Detect gives you the power of AI to reveal hidden and unknown attackers at speed

  • Stop compromises before they become breaches
  • Prioritize investigation and response
  • Empower and grow Tier-1 analysts
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