Detect for Azure AD

Stop attacks targeting identities and your cloud applications

How Vectra delivers Zero Trust visibility and security capabilities

As a key component of a Zero Trust Framework, Vectra helps deliver visibility and analytics by continuously monitoring the behaviors of users, hosts and services.

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Top 10 Threat Detections in
Azure AD and Office 365

See what the detections reveal about cloud security and how they can help your organization avoid a supply chain attacks.

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Partnering with Microsoft on Zero Trust Security Framework

See how Microsoft partners with Vectra to deliver a Zero Trust security framework to provide analytics and mitigate threats emerging from distributed and hybrid-remote workforces.

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Why Now

Credential attacks are the most common starting point for system intrusions.*

Rise in compromised credentials to accounts

The majority (61%)* of 2021 breaches involved compromised credentials.

1/3 of organizations suffer from account takeovers every month, even after adopting multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Identity is the New Security Perimeter

Secure Cloud Applications

Protect your workforce and their data by making sure the cloud accounts and identities they leverage for apps is not being stolen, compromised, or abused by attackers.

Strengthen Account Security

Extend existing preventative credential security like MFA and Access Rules with real-time monitoring of account behavior and authentication flows to detect attacks before they lead to breaches.

Stop Cloud Attacks

Detect and respond to cloud lateral movement, Privilege Escalation, Golden Ticket attacks, and other related threats by connecting and prioritizing all accounts used in an attack, from cloud to ground.

Why Vectra

Leverage a zero trust security architecture that allows you to find and correlate attack behaviors in any user or service account - across the entire MITRE attack lifecycle before they lead to breaches.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Cognito for Office 365 and Azure AD is a windfall in light of how attackers are compromising and taking over accounts.

– John Shaffer, CIO at Greenhill

We now have a greater degree of confidence that we can detect and stop credential abuse that has become common.

- Kevin Orritt, ICT Security Manager at GMMH NHS Foundation Trust

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