Vectra Cognito vs. Darktrace Antigena

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Vectra vs. Darktrace: Why Organizations Choose Vectra Over Darktrace

Organizations are experiencing highly targeted and complex attacks that traditional security solutions miss. Exposures have increased as organizations move to the shared security models of AWS and Azure. The volume of native alerts and detections is on the rise, and organizations need to focus on the right information at the right time within the right context.

Organizations need solutions to detect these threats that have bypassed prevention technologies in the cloud, data centers, and enterprise networks. Vectra provides visibility into malicious behaviors from “cloud-to-ground” in a cohesive and comprehensive interface.

Our community recently shared why they continue to choose the Vectra platform over Darktrace. They find that Vectra's approach of having security researchers and data scientists working together help them:

  • Reduce dwell time with high-fidelity behaviors that provide visibility, focusing on and prioritizing suspect detections.
  • Enhance the efficiency of security operations by reducing
    false positives
  • Accelerate investigative activities by enriching malicious associated behaviors

Competitor Comparison: Vectra vs. Darktrace

Detect better with Vectra

Don’t focus on “different”
Darktrace's anomaly-based system only finds what is different, not malicious. This makes it hard to prioritize resources. Go with a solution that covers an industry-leading number of MITRE ATT&CK framework network behaviors.

MITRE ATT&CK framework

Skip the noise
Use Vectra to roll-up isolated alerts to create a single incident to investigate. Gain visibility based on accounts.

How HBO Latin America reduced alerts from 8 million to 35 actionable instances

Respond faster with Vectra

Surgically cut access
Darktrace requires their Antigena stack to support the majority of their controls. This forces a larger investment and significant rework of the organization’s playbooks. Vectra leverages the existing investment, integrating with current processes.

Enabling intelligent enforcement with Vectra

Take an appropriate level of action
Not limited to only SaaS and SIEM integrations, enable actions through orchestration, EDR and NAC solutions.

Vectra integrations

Be more efficient with Vectra

Time is of the essence
Don't spend it piecing together isolated Darktrace false positive prone alerts. Vectra customers achieved a 34X workload reduction for Tier-1 SOC analysts in detection, triage, correlation and prioritization.

Attacker Behavior Industry report

Start detecting right away
Vectra requires no baselining. Don't waste valuable time training your models on a network that will inherently change in the future. Go with a solution that understands behaviors.

The data science behind Vectra

Get a holistic assessment into the current state of the network detection and response market.

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Vectra Value Statements Against Darktrace

  • Vectra provides high fidelity alerts with actionable data, and the lowest false positive rate compared to Darktrace. Vectra provides a consolidated clear interface that prioritizes based on the potential risk and impact. Darktrace alerts on all anomalies, regardless of potential risk. Vectra customers spend less time chasing noise and more time focused on what matters.
  • Vectra tightly integrates with leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions and enriches the captured data. Darktrace requires significant investigative work to understand the same level of details.
  • Vectra integrates and leverages the security / IT spend. How much of your investment is leveraged by Darktrace? Darktrace positions their own network access control (NAC), security information event management (SIEM), firewall, ticketing system, email security, etc. Organizations want best of breed solutions that work together and not jack of all trades and master of none.

What Our Customers Say

“We weren’t convinced by Darktrace. It had a dazzling interface but didn’t operate very efficiently.”

Head of Security
Global Financial Services Firm

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“I found Darktrace was a bit noisier than Vectra. Sometimes, when you deal with products like this, the noise is time and effort that you may not necessarily have. Whereas, I like the way Vectra tells you exactly the things that are happening right now in your network, then groups it based on exactly what the type is, providing you a risk score.”

Manager IT Security
Energy & Utilities Company

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“We evaluated Darktrace, in addition to Vectra, each in a PoC. We chose Vectra because the things that Vectra picked up were far more useful, and necessary from an enterprise point of view. Darktrace was a bit noisier."

Senior Security Specialist
Mining & Metals Company

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“We looked online at Darktrace. Our initial engagement with Darktrace wasn't good enough to provide confidence in their platform. Vectra stood out for its simplicity and the general confidence that I had with the people whom I was engaging and having conversations with at that time.”

Global Security Operations Mgr
Manufacturing Company

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Understand the value and IT impact you can achieve with Vectra Cognito from IDC

IDC shares how organizations using the Cognito platform will

  • Experience 63% lower risk of a significant security event
  • Become 85% more efficient in identifying actual threats
  • Achieve an improved high-availability with 85% less unplanned outages