O365 External Teams Access

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O365 External Teams Access


  • A new team member has been added to a team in O365 Teams consisting of an external account from a domain rarely associated with O365 Teams access.
  • The threat score is driven by the value of the team being modified.
  • The certainty score is driven by how certain we feel about the maliciousness of the action.

Possible Root Causes

  • An adversary has added an external account under their control as a new member of a team by abusing an existing O365 Teams account.
  • Sometimes legitimate external users (such as partners, contractors, lawyers, auditors, etc.) are added to an O365 Team as part of an authorized activity.

Business Impact

  • This type of access enables an attacker to perform additional discovery or collection activities by exposing sensitive business information which may include shared files, meeting content, or chat transcripts.
  • The impact of such access may include information necessary to enable further attack progression or facilitate the loss of proprietary information or intellectual property, and regulated data.
  • In some cases, access to the team’s communication fabric and conversation history can enable successful blackmail or extortion against enterprise personnel.

Steps to Verify

  • Validate that the account added is an authorized member of the O365 Team.