Stop the noise
Signatures are only threat indicators. Without contextual data this leads to volumes of false positives and low-level alerts, hiding real threats.
Expose blindspots
Next-gen firewalls don't see suspicious lateral movement and only detect known attacks. Threats evade perimeter security and infect your network.
Reduce the risk
IDPS rules and signatures require constant updates and tuning. Compliance requires static deployments. The combination is impossible with IDPS.
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Vectra NDR Replaces IDPS

  • Meaningful AI plus threat intel to detect attacker behaviors and respond to high-fidelity detections. No more noise.
  • Agentless coverage for IaaS, SaaS, Data Centers, IoT and OT that detect known and unknown attacks. No more blind spots.
  • Automated incident response supports regulatory compliance mandates. No more tuning and tweaking signatures and rules.
  • Host identifiers and other host data from Falcon Insight are shown in the Cognito UI, saving valuable time for analysts
  • Use Vectra to quickly isolate compromised hosts from the network to halt cyberattacks and avoid data loss
  • Quick pivot between the Cognito UI and the Falcon Insight UI for the same host detection retains context during an investigation

IDPS — Archaic Threat Protection for Modern Security Requirements

What the Market Says

Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) are long in the tooth and are considered by many to be ineffective for applications beyond their primary function.

– 451 Research, NVDR Guide

Cognito catches much more than an analyst who has to sift through signature alerts. It also reduces false positives, especially from authorized PowerShell user traffic, which sometimes appears very suspicious.

– Eric Weakland
, Director of Information Security at American University

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