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2023 State of Threat Detection in Netherlands

80% of analysts admit the organization they work in may have been compromised and they don't know it yet. Threat detection is fundamentally broken.
2023 State of Threat Detection in Netherlands
2023 State of Threat Detection in Netherlands
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In the comprehensive "2023 State of Threat Detection" report, security operations center (SOC) teams are facing a daunting challenge.

The report, based on a global study of 200 SOC analysts in the Netherlands, reveals a landscape where cyberattacks are not only becoming more sophisticated and fast-paced but also increasingly difficult to manage due to the sheer volume of alerts and the complexity of the technology available.

Here's a glimpse of the critical insights you will discover inside:  

  • The Alert Avalanche: SOC teams are inundated with an average of 5,185 alerts daily, with a staggering 64% being ignored due to alert fatigue and the high volume of false positives.
  • The Talent Gap: With a 3.4-million-person deficit in the cybersecurity workforce, the industry is at a tipping point, exacerbated by high stress and burnout rates among SOC analysts.
  • Visibility Void: A significant 80% of analysts believe their organizations may have already been compromised without their knowledge, highlighting a concerning lack of visibility and confidence in current threat detection capabilities.
  • The Efficacy Enigma: Despite the challenges, most analysts consider their tools effective; however, the report suggests a disconnect between this belief and the reality of increasing blind spots and alert overload.
  • The Cost of Complexity: The financial impact is non-trivial, with manual alert triage costing approximately $3.3 billion annually in the U.S. alone, pointing to an urgent need for more efficient and effective threat detection solutions.
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