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Best Practices to Address Tool Sprawl for Your NDR and IDS solutions

Vectra Match for NDR consolidates behavior-based and signature-based detection correlation
Best Practices to Address Tool Sprawl for Your NDR and IDS solutions
Best Practices to Address Tool Sprawl for Your NDR and IDS solutions
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Stop a hybrid attack

Take a self-guided tour to see how the Vectra AI Platform empowers you to stop hybrid attacks before any damage is done.

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Key Challenges

  • Detecting known and unknown threats to surface attacks that bypass legacy IDS and IPS solutions.
  • Threat hunting and investigations that accurately uncover network- based indicators of compromise (IOCs) and the most urgent threats.
  • Expanding vulnerabilities and exploits require both signature and behavior-based detection.

Don’t settle for the status quo with your current Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Today, there are more choices for security solutions than one can count, and the growing number of threats and vulnerabilities are increasing right alongside them. Intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and the convergence of the two, known as intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) have been around for several years. These solutions are signature-based which are important in uncovering malicious activities in the network. However, these solutions do not leverage AI-driven detection capabilities — and therefore leave gaps in your threat detection and response solutions. Enterprises need a threat detection and response security solution that detects both known and unknown attacks in the network in order to arm themselves properly against malicious actors.

How to keep tool sprawl to a minimum

1. Optimize your threat detection and response with one sensor

Vectra Match erases the need for managing and tuning each of your separate deployed IDS sensors. With Vectra NDR and Vectra Match your signature-based solutions and NDR security tools are both deployed on the same sensor. This greatly reduces your security footprint and address tool sprawl.

2. Silence the noise from IDS

Coupling Vectra NDR AI-driven detection with Vectra Match exploit detection for CVEs significantly reduces the number of false positives. In doing so, SecOps can focus on responding to incidents that have been vetted — with all the contextual insights from behaviors in your network to paint the full picture of the most critical and urgent threats.

3. Detect both known and unknown threats

IDS, IPS and IDPS solutions are often placed at the perimeter of your network. These solutions often focus on north/ west movement but can miss east/west movement and focus on in-line protection. Vectra Match with Vectra NDR focuses on detecting both known and unknown behaviors with an expanded threat intelligence database and visibility into your entire network both on-premises and in the cloud.

One solution to prioritize threats across your SOC

Keys to success:

  • Less tuning and managing of separate security sensors.
  • Simple integration with your chosen SIEM, such as Vectra Stream or Vectra Recall.
  • Complete visibility into your network infrastructure, not just the edge of your network.

With the evolving number of malicious actors threatening enterprises today, it is crucial that organizations can pinpoint the most critical and urgent threats, so they can take the necessary steps to mitigate attacks from executing or reaching their chosen targets. Taking resources away from managing and tuning activities with Vectra Match automates compensating controls and then redirects SecOps to vital threat hunting activities. With Vectra Match and Vectra NDR, organizations can address signature-based use cases along with behavioral detection in one single solution.

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