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XDR Should Be Viewed as An Open Architecture

The number and sophistication of cyber-threats has precipitously increased in 2021, driven by remote workers, software supply chain attacks, and ransomware.
XDR Should Be Viewed as An Open Architecture
XDR Should Be Viewed as An Open Architecture
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This white paper concludes:

  • Threat detection and response is fraught with many challenges. When it comes to threat detection and response, many organizations are constantly reacting to the latest emergency with limited tools, manual processes, and an overburdened staff. These challenges hold them back while threat detection and response practices continue to increase. This imbalance is a recipe for disaster.
  • XDR has great potential but remains confusing. An evolving security technology category called “extended detection and response” (XDR) holds the promise of integrating, consolidating, and simplifying underlying threat detection and response tools. So, what’s the problem? Security vendors and industry pundits continue to co-opt the definition of XDR to suit their self-serving needs. This has resulted in industry hyperbole and user confusion, delaying XDR progress and implementation.
  • XDR is really a security operations technology architecture. It’s time for the security industry to move beyond petty bickering and realize that XDR is an important and evolving architecture that brings together security controls, data sources, and hybrid IT coverage into a common management plane to produce advanced analytics, analyst activities, and automated responses. Security operations center (SOC) teams are looking at XDR to deliver outcomes and aren’t too concerned about the technical details of how this happens. Once these SOC teams approach XDR with an open mind, they can leverage and enhance existing security investments while creating a more effective and efficient security architecture
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