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Image of Cognito chasing attacker who is running away

Detect cyberattacks with Cognito DetectTM

The most powerful way to find and stop attackers in real time

  • Identify threats in the cloud and data center workloads.
  • Detect unknown and hidden threats in user and IoT devices.
  • Reduce the security operations workload by 37X.
  • Perform intrusion detection without signatures or reputation lists.

Identify threats in the cloud and data center workloads

  • Gain visibility into virtual environments and learn the dynamics of change, even as hosts and workloads are added, deleted or moved.
  • Automatically learn administrative access models, including who manages specific servers and from where.
  • Detect abuse of admin credentials and protocols, use of rootkits, hidden tunnels and backdoors, and data accumulation or exfiltration.
"Vectra fills a big cybersecurity void in the public cloud."

Beau Canada
Vice President of Information Security

The Threat Certainty Index in Cognito Detect

Reduce the security operations workload

  • Automatically roll-up a chain of related events into a single incident as a starting point for deeper investigations or immediate action.
  • Enable security operations teams to easily share consistent information on demand or on a set schedule.
  • Drive dynamic response rules and automatically trigger responses from other security enforcement points.
"With Vectra, we cut threat investigation times from days to minutes."

Daniel Basile
Executive Director Security Operations Center
Texas A&M University System

Perform intrusion detection

  • Detect known and unknown attackers that evade existing security enforcement points.
  • Enterprise-wide visibility into internal reconnaissance and lateral movement that typically spreads unchecked in a cyberattack.
  • Identify devices or workloads at the center of an attack to stop in-progress threats and avert data loss.
"Vectra identifies threats that other tools miss."

Rob Caputo
Principal CS Technology
IT advisory firm