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Discover Vectra Cognito at your own pace

Register for a self-guided tour to experience the feature-rich network detection and response capabilities of Cognito Detect, including:

  • Automate threat detection: Always-learning behavioral models detect attackers in real time to enable quick, decisive response and a logical investigative starting point.
  • Expose hidden attackers: Security-enriched network metadata, logs and cloud events are collected, analyzed and stored to reveal attackers in workloads and user/IoT devices.
  • Empower threat hunters: Launch deeper incident investigations detected by Cognito and your existing security products and hunt retrospectively for covert attackers.

Once you register, and if your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Your Cognito tour access will be valid for seven days. You can then request for an extension if needed. We hope you'll enjoy it!

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computer with Vectra AI UI

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Enhance your soc efficiency

Learn how you can leverage Vectra NDR with our EDR + SIEM/UEBA partners to reduce dwell times and increase security performance.

Learn more ->


Vea cómo usa Vectra el poder de la inteligencia artificial para detectar y priorizar en tiempo real los ataques que hay activos.


See how Vectra can help you finds threats that others can’t while saving time, headcount, and money for security organizations.

Learn more ->


Vea cómo le puede ayudar Vectra a descubrir las amenazas que otros no advierten, mientras ahorra tiempo, personal y dinero a las organizaciones de seguridad.

explore detect

See how Vectra uses the power of AI to detect and prioritize in -progress attacks in real-time.

Learn more ->


Vea cómo utilizar Vectra NDR con nuestros partners de EDR + SIEM/UEBA para reducir el tiempo de permanencia e incrementar el rendimiento de la seguridad.

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