Vectra Detect for AWS

The need for speed and agility in today’s alwayson, always-connected digital business has led IT teams to transform the traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud-native architectures, but often at the cost of security.

What is Vectra Detect for AWS?

Vectra Detect for AWS is a cloud-native security platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and respond to cyberattacks across your global AWS infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) footprint. It is designed to help security teams identify and stop misconfiguration, credential theft, and supply chain compromise before they turn into breaches.

Key Benefits of Using Vectra Detect for AWS

  • Rapidly detect threats against enterprise applications and data running on AWS IaaS, and PaaS using the first behavioral AI that detects and prioritizes threats.
  • Deploy in minutes with agentless coverage that does not rely on signatures, virtual taps, or static policy.
  • Investigate attacks to find the roles and accounts involved with historical security data that allows teams to trace an attack progression through all roles and accounts back to where it started and stop it there, without causing widespread outages.
  • Automate response to attacks on applications running on AWS using native capabilities in AWS or deep integrations with other security solutions allowing teams to mitigate threats without relying on agents or disruption to operations.

Vectra Detect for AWS Closes the Security Gap

The cloud-native Vectra Detect for AWS SaaS offering bridges this gap. By observing and understanding attacker behavior, cloud identities, roles, access policies, and deployment configurations for workloads including storage, containers, and serverless, Detect for AWS finds and stops attacks without disrupting operations.

As the first threat detection solution that uses behavioral AI without relying on signatures, static policy, or the operational impact of agents, it allows organizations to confidently migrate, develop, and deploy more applications at scale while minimizing the risk of breaches from security issues introduced at deployment.

Full coverage across the MITRE ATT&CK framework

  • Native AWS integration monitors the interaction of users and resources with AWS services, such as creating or deleting EC2 instances or exposing S3 buckets to the public.
  • Agentless setup in minutes enables Vectra to analyze activity and start protecting your AWS organization with patented AI-driven attacker behavioral models.
  • Converged security view across multiple regions, offering a unified view of your worldwide activity.
  • Instant one-click investigations will accelerate investigations by providing intelligent queries and historic logs.
  • Usage is licensed per GB of activity logs analyzed.

Vectra uses artificial intelligence to track down malicious actors through chains of assumed roles, whether local or federated, on both the same AWS account or crossaccounts. The industry first KingPin technology will clearly show what principal originated the attack in every alert you receive, giving you clear next steps to investigate and remediate.

Threat Detection Coverage for AWS Attacks

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