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Here's what you need to know about a Gartner review. Some frequently asked questions are below:

  1. How anonymous is my review?
    100% anonymous! Gartner does not share any information with us or the public. Once you submit your review, it enters their vault of secrecy. Status of your review, when it gets posted and who you are is never shared.
  2. Do I have to confirm my email address?
    Yes! Please confirm your email address. If you forget to do this, your review will not be published.
  3. How will I know if my review has been approved?
    Gartner will send you an email once your review is approved and posted on Peer Insights, or if you need to add more color to your review. Only you receive this information.
  4. Can more than one person from my team post a review?
    Yes. Multiple people from the same team can write a review on Gartner.
  5. What is Gartner Peer Insights Plus (GPI+)?
    After writing your review, you receive access to GPI+ for 3 months. It's a specially curated set of research and functionality giving you access to:
  • Select Gartner research
  • Alerts on markets and vendors
  • Weekly industry news roundup
  • Exclusive Peer Insights website features
  1. Who do I reach out to for more questions on the review process?
    You can reach out to Sri Sheth at
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What Your Peers are Writing

"The Vectra platform has been great for us to see Network activity and find malicious behaviour we would not have seen with other security solutions. The best part is that you just plug it in and it starts collecting data and providing reports. The more networks that it can see the better the alerts. Great features like Detect and the new O365 analysis really help enhance our threat hunting abilities."

"Very quick to set up. It takes few weeks for the machine learning to understand what's normal on the network, and then detect the usual. It is still necessary to triage for false positives. The "stream" module is very powerful to supply a SIEM with inputs."

"Cognito provides the user with an integrated environment for detecting possible cloud application failure points to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access or attempted service attacks, with automated machine learning."