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  • With an out-of-the box attack signal based on real attacker behavior
  • To cover all attack surfaces (network, cloud, identity and SaaS)
  • So you can automatically detect, triage and prioritize active attacks (not just alerts)
  • And launch automated or manual response to stop the attack in time
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Customer Stories

See why 4 out of 5 enterprises choose Vectra AI over competitors

“Vectra AI has been instrumental in reducing threat investigations from several days to just a few hours.”
Gustavo Ricco
Security Operations Manager, Fenaco Informatik
“With Vectra AI, I can focus on the highest-risk threats. With other solutions, I have to filter to get rid of hundreds or thousands of false positives.”
Matthias Tauber
Senior Services Manager for IT Security, DZ Bank
“Vectra AI has given us just the right tools with minimal effort to battle against ransomware and other cyberthreats.”
Arjan Hurkmans
IT Security Operations Manager, A.S. Watson
“Vectra AI saved the A&M System $7 million in a year and we cut threat investigation times from several days to a few minutes.”
Dan Basile
Executive Director of the SOC, The Texas A&M University System
“Vectra AI does exactly what we need. Our team can act instantly to stop attackers before they have a chance to steal data or damage critical infrastructure.”
Jojo Maalouf
IT Security Manager, Hydro Ottawa
"Our previous solution is supposed to be better than Vectra AI. But Vectra AI performed better. We came to the conclusion that Vectra AI is number one. It's easier to use. There's a lot less noise. And the learning curve was easy."
Kalev Noor
Head of Infrastructure and Operations, Tallink
“Vectra AI offers protection without prying. It only captures the security-centric metadata to identify threats. It’s GDPR compliant and was approved for the POC test internally and also by our Worker’s Council.”
Daniel Luttermann
Security Team Lead, Rossman
“The AI-based algorithms from Vectra AI learn the difference between normal behavior and malicious behavior, saving time and effort for our security staff.”
John Shaffer
CIO, Greenhill