Data Breach Detection

Stop attacks before a breach

When data breaches occur in minutes, detection and response shouldn’t take months. See and stop active attacks in minutes with Vectra AI.

The Landscape

Don’t let a data breach at your company become the next hacker headline

Personal information. Financial information. Intellectual property. It's all in the cloud — and all it takes is one misconfiguration or stolen set of credentials for your data to be compromised. The sooner you can identify an active attack, the better positioned you’ll be to prevent a data breach.

It’s not IF a data breach will happen — but when

As attackers increasingly target data stored in hybrid and multi-cloud, standard data breach prevention tools like DLP and IDPS are no longer enough.

Early data breach detection is critical
Platform in Action

Early data breach detection is critical

Most security breaches start with unauthorized access — but identity-based attacks can lurk for months or years before detection. Take an interactive tour to see how the Vectra AI Platform helps you stop identity-based attacks in real time.

See it in action
The Solution

Go beyond prevention and DLP to stop data breaches

There’s only one proven way to stop a security breach after prevention fails — early detection.

Protect everywhere your data resides
With the world’s most powerful Attack Signal Intelligence™.
AI-driven detections

Attack Signal Intelligence detects the methods attackers use to escalate privileges and move laterally across data centers, public cloud and SaaS.

Advanced investigations

See which host devices, workloads and user accounts are impacted, so you can investigate legitimate security threats.

24x7x365 coverage

Team up with skilled analyst reinforcements to co-defend your hybrid or multi-cloud environment — every hour of every day.

How it Works

Data breach detection tools that actually detect

Other tools bury urgent security incidents

More than 95% of SOC analysts worry they’ll miss a relevant security event because it’s buried in a flood of alerts.

We surface what matters

Our integrated signal knows how to distinguish between benign and malicious activities so you can focus on real attacks — instead of sifting through false positives.

Other tools create blind spots

To be effective, your security team needs to know your environment better than the hackers who infiltrate it. But typical endpoint protection and IDS tools create significant visibility gaps.

We provide the full narrative of an attack

With unified visibility across your entire hybrid or multi-cloud attack surface, the Vectra AI Platform can focus on what attackers use to hide — like M365 Power Automate and AWS admin API calls.

Other tools lack clarity and control

Misconfigurations are common in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and can leave your sensitive information exposed.

We provide continual coverage

Our integrated, automated and co-managed investigation and response helps you quickly catch cyber threats anywhere in your environment.