SOC Modernization

IDPS replacement

IDS solutions are no longer enough for enterprises operating in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. Vectra AI provides the integrated signal you need to find active attacks in real time.

IDPS replacement
You can’t rely on yesterday’s IDS for today’s threats

You need security tools that are looking at more than the perimeter—you need visibility of your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure. Sophisticated attackers can wreak havoc on your organization if they get through your hybrid cloud perimeter, and adding more "solutions" can drown your security team in alerts and noise.

The threat landscape that enterprises face today are getting more hazardous every day, and legacy IDS tools are not enough for a modern hybrid cloud environment that encompasses the data center network, public cloud, SaaS and identity. The fact is, security teams need to replace their IDS with integrated signal across the entire hybrid attack surface.

The Challenge

IDS leaves huge gaps

Sophisticated attackers can wreak havoc on your organization if they get through your hybrid cloud perimeter, and adding more "solutions" can drown your security team in alerts and noise.

White Paper

Why Security Teams are Replacing IDS and IPS with NDR

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) provide in-line protection while using various techniques to detect known attacks, but organizations still struggle to stop unknown active threats and sophisticated attacks. See why top security teams are using NDR to detect today’s most sophisticated threats.

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The Solution

Look beyond the perimeter

Powered by the best Attack Signal Intelligence™ on the planet, Vectra AI's NDR solution enhances your SOC workflow for better threat hunting, investigation and response.

AI-driven Detections

Security automation that correlates, scores and ranks incidents by urgency level across public cloud, identity, SaaS and data center networks, lidentifying 3x more threats.

AI-driven Triage

Security automation that learns your unique environment, distinguishing between malicious and benign events and reducing alert noise by more than 80%.

AI-driven Prioritization

Security automation that analyzes attacker behavior (TTPs) post-compromise across network, identity, cloud and SaaS infrastructure covering more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

How it Works

Discover the power of the Vectra AI Platform

We deliver the integrated signal you need to find attacks no matter your pane of glass.

IDS tools have tunnel vision

IDS tools often focus solely on specific network signatures or behavior patterns, potentially missing other types of threats and vulnerabilities.

Switch to one integrated signal

For comprehensive protection, you need every exposed point in your network to be monitored. Our NDR solution analyzes and stores all network activity without present rules or pattern detection.

IDS tools are incredibly noisy

IDS tools generate a large number of alerts and false positives, overwhelming security teams and making it difficult to identify and prioritize genuine threats.

Less noise, more clarity

Thanks to AI-driven triage, our NDR solution reduces alert noise by 80% or more with ML that understands your environment.

IDS tools are not entity-centric

IDS tools primarily focus on network-level activity rather than individual entities or users, leaving potential blind spots in detecting more targeted and sophisticated attacks.

AI-driven threat hunting

Gone are the days when security could rely on identifying strange events. Our NDR solution has pivoted to an entity-based model that looks at hosts and accounts and determines if the threat is a real attack. This is intelligent hunting.

IDS, the Vectra AI way


With consolidated attack telemetry that proactively identifies 3x more threats across the entire hybrid surface, you get the visibility you need to streamline threat hunting and investigations.


We combine AI-driven detection with signature-based IOCs context to expose all malicious behavior. By correlating and validating threat signals for accuracy, you know you're seeing clearly.


Not only does our platform optimize existing SIEM tools, processes and workflows, it also satisfies GRC and SOC compliance requirements, so you can feel safe saying goodbye to your old IDS tool once and for all.