Nation-State Cyberattack Prevention

Protect your business from nation-state cyberattacks

Cyberattacks orchestrated by nation-state actors are fast becoming the norm — and no organization is immune. We find the attacks hiding in your environment so you can keep them from progressing.

The Landscape

Are nation state hackers outpacing your SOC?

Cyber threat actors invest significant resources in outsmarting prevention tools, exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities and compromising enterprise hybrid cloud environments. And so far, those efforts are outpacing many overwhelmed SOC analysts.

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100% prevention against nation-state attacks is impossible

In the face of this gathering storm of nation-state cyber threats, SOC teams must accept that these attackers are going after more organizations — either directly or through a supply chain attack. And while proactively fortifying your defenses remains crucial, 100% prevention is impossible.

Keep nation state attacks from becoming breaches
Attack Anatomy

Keep nation state attacks from becoming breaches

See how the Vectra AI Platform empowered SOC analysts to stop a simulated nation-state cyber attack in minutes, long before humans would have been aware a threat had slipped past prevention tools.

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The Solution

Nation-state attacks move fast, but you can be faster

The Vectra AI Platform reveals the earliest signs of attacker activity so you can see and stop active attacks in minutes.

Turn the tables on attackers
with AI-driven detection and response
AI-driven detections

Automated AI-driven detections focus on the methods attackers use to move laterally across data centers, public cloud, identity and SaaS.

Advanced investigations

Security-led AI stitches together attack progression with the right context, empowering analysts to investigate and respond in minutes.

24x7x365 coverage

Attackers don’t take vacations — and neither should your threat detection. Vectra AI gives you 24/7 coverage with skilled reinforcements.

How it Works

Stop nation-state attacks with Vectra AI

Prevention tools may fail — but there’s still a proven way to protect critical infrastructure.

Sophisticated attacks know where to hide

Sophisticated nation-state actors aren't just well-funded. They're also patient, and will often wait months or years before launching an attack — 75% of successful cyberattacks use vulnerabilities that are more than two years old.

We know how to find them

Our patented Attack Signal Intelligence thinks like an attacker, knows what’s malicious and focuses on what’s urgent. It prioritizes the threats that matter so you can see and stop active attacks in real-time.

Your vulnerabilities are increasing

An escalating skills shortage is making it easier than ever for nation-state threats to target your on-premises systems, cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications.

We keep you in control

The Vectra AI Platform integrates detections across identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks so you can double analyst productivity and proactively identify 3x more threats.

Other tools are too noisy

Nation-state actors are moving toward targeting poorly configured on-premises servers and unpatched third-party software in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. But other tools hide that activity in a flood of false positives.

We show you what matters

The Vectra AI Platform uses advanced machine learning to distinguish malicious activity from benign events, so you can see and stop real threats in real time.