Vectra's trademarks and registrations (as of Aug. 7 2018)

© 2022 Vectra AI, Inc. All rights reserved. Vectra, the Vectra AI logo, Security that thinks and Cognito are U.S. registered trademarks and Cognito Detect, Cognito Recall, the Vectra

Threat Labs and the Threat Certainty Index are U.S.trademarks of Vectra AI. Cognito is a registered trademark of Vectra AI in the European Union and Japan. Other brand, product and service names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective holders.



  • USA Serial No. 86-163,703; Registration No. 4,778,111
  • Canada Application No. 1659502; Registration No. TMA917308
  • EU Filing No. 012517017

  • USA Serial No. 86-234,420; Registration No. 4,809,532
  • Canada Application No. 1695849
  • EU Filing No. 013305636

Security that thinks®

  • USA Serial No. 86-312,908; Registration No. 4,969,330
  • Canada Application No. 1698051
  • EU Filing No. 13305644


  • USA Serial No. 87-496,033; Registration No. 5,536,976
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office, Registration No. 017587833
  • Japan Patent Office, Certificate of Registration No. 6115043
  • Common of Australia Registrar of Trade Marks, Certificate of Registration Trade Mark No. 1894204
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