Cyber Resilience

Cloud Posture Improvement

Vectra AI provides the integrated signal you need to see when your hybrid or multi-cloud environment is under attack. So you can stop attackers in minutes.

Cloud Posture Improvement
The Change

Your enterprise cloud footprint is expanding fast — and so is your attack surface.

The sheer volume of services, SaaS apps and infrastructure means manual monitoring is out of the question. While some threat detection tools may help, too many solutions can drown your security team in alerts. You need one simple, reliable signal capable of covering it all.

The Challenge

CSPM solutions aren’t enough

Cloud misconfigurations are one of the biggest entry points for attackers. So it’s no surprise that 91% of enterprises use cloud security posture management (CSPM) tools to detect threats. But are they working? An astonishing 97% of SOC analysts still worry about missing a relevant security event because it’s buried under a flood of alerts. You need a better way to identify and remediate attacks targeting your cloud environment.

Customer Story

Enhance your Cloud Security Posture with The Vectra AI Platform

Facing a massive cross-functional deployment of Microsoft 365(M365), the security team at Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager, needed to ensure thorough M365 posture management and controls without interfering with the existing migration timeline.

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The Solution

See and stop attacks anywhere in your cloud environment

Powered by the industry’s most advanced Attack Signal Intelligence, the Vectra AI Platform lets analysts see and stop attacks fast — no matter your pane of glass.

Revolutionizing Threat Detection, Triage, and Prioritization with the Vectra AI Platform
AI-driven Detections

AI-driven detections analyze post-compromise attacker behaviors across network, identity, cloud and SaaS infrastructure, covering more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

AI-driven Triage

AI-driven triage uses machine learning to understand your unique environment, distinguish between malicious and benign events and reduce alert noise by 85% or more.

AI-driven Prioritization

AI-driven prioritization correlates, scores and ranks incidents by urgency level, enabling analysts to proactively identify 3x more threats.

How it Works

Take control of your cloud security

Traditional approaches aren’t enough

Growing cloud complexity makes it easier than ever for attacks to slip past cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and other prevention tools.

We find the attacks other tools can’t

The Vectra AI Platform provides the integrated signal you need to spot active attacks in your cloud environment, so you can stop them before any damage is done.

Cloud services leave gaps

Cloud-native provider tools don’t offer the visibility you need for continuous monitoring. In fact, 71% of SOC analysts admit their organizations have likely been compromised and don’t know about it yet.

We reveal what’s hiding in your cloud resources

As a core component of the Vectra AI Platform, Vectra CDR continually monitors your Microsoft 365 and AWS environment so you can see and stop active cloud identity misuse in real time.

Undetected attacks can inflict major damage

As your attack surface expands, so does the opportunity for account takeovers. With one account to access multiple services, successful attackers can inflict major damage.

We spot account takeovers in real time

Our patented Privileged Access Analytics (PAA) automatically focuses on accounts most useful to attackers so you can see and stop progression before a beach occurs.

Improve your cloud security posture, the Vectra AI way


With consolidated attack telemetry across your entire attack surface, you get the visibility you need for complete coverage across your hybrid cloud environment.


We combine AI-driven detection with signature-based context to expose all malicious behavior. You know what’s urgent — so you can focus on real attacks.


Arm your SOC analysts with integrated, automated and co-managed investigation and response, so you can reduce your critical infrastructure risk with confidence.