Cyber Resilience

Cloud Identity Protection

Prevent account takeover attacks with the Vectra AI Platform, powered by advanced Attack Signal Intelligence™ for cloud identity protection with AI-driven detection.

Cloud Identity Protection
The Change

There’s a reason so many data breaches start with stolen credentials.

Privileged abuse arms attackers with the most effective means to move about, manipulate services, execute ransomware and gain access to sensitive data. And the danger is especially high for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises.

Despite your best fraud protection and multi-factor authentication (MFA) efforts, sophisticated attackers can easily slip past prevention tools to launch account takeover (ATO) attacks in seconds. You need a way to stop account takeover attacks post-compromise, before any damage is done.

The Challenge

It’s not a matter of “if,” but when

Attackers will find gaps in permissions. And as your attack surface expands, so does the opportunity for malicious insiders to move laterally across your organization — undetected and undeterred. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Technology Overview

Detect and Respond to Privilege Abuse with the Vectra AI Platform

Vectra AI Attack Signal IntelligenceTM exposes the complete narrative of any attacker trying to abuse privilege. SOC teams use the Vectra AI Platform to investigate and respond to any type of misuse or unauthorized access across today’s hybrid attack surfaces — public cloud, SaaS, identity, and data center networks. Vectra AI ensures that your team never misses an escalation action or unsanctioned access, so attackers never reach their target.

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The Solution

See and take action when trusted accounts are compromised

Powered by the industry’s most advanced Attack Signal IntelligenceTM, Vectra IDR continually monitors your Azure AD accounts so you can see and stop active cloud identity misuse in real time.

See and stop active cloud identity misuse in real time
with the Vectra AI Platform
AI-driven Detections

AI-driven detections analyze user account misuse across multiple attack surfaces — network, identity, cloud and SaaS infrastructure — covering more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

AI-driven Triage

AI-driven triage uses machine learning to understand your unique environment, distinguish between malicious and benign events and reduce alert noise by 85% or more.

AI-driven Prioritization

AI-driven prioritization correlates, scores and ranks incidents by urgency level, enabling analysts to proactively identify 3x more threats.

How it Works

Discover the power of the Vectra IDR

Attackers can find gaps in permissions

When you’re up against tens of thousands of new threats every day, sophisticated attackers are bound to find gaps.

Vectra CDR picks up where IAM leaves off

We fill the gaps left by prevention tools to help you detect and respond to active privilege abuse. With full context into incidents and knowledge of acceptable behavior, it ensures a 360-degree view of identity-based attacks.

Your prevention tools won’t help post-compromise

The first thing cyberattackers do after slipping past your prevention tools? Move laterally in search of privileged accounts — ones that can access sensitive data.

We see active attacks in real time

Our patented Privileged Access Analytics (PAA) automatically focuses on accounts most useful to attackers so you can see and stop progression before a breach occurs.

Too many tools create too much noise

Analysts waste too many critical hours sifting through thousands of alerts to assess each one.

We focus on what matters

As a core component of the Vectra AI platform, our CDR solution reveals credential misuse, privilege elevation and other identity-based threat tactics with meaningful detail — without creating more alert noise.

Cloud identity protection, the Vectra AI way


With consolidated attack telemetry across your entire attack surface, you get the visibility you need for complete coverage on all hybrid attacker methods.


We combine AI-driven detection with signature-based context to expose all malicious behavior. You know what’s urgent — so you can focus on real attacks.


Arm your SOC analysts with integrated, automated and co-managed investigation and response, so you can reduce your critical infrastructure risk with confidence.