Know When Microsoft 365 is Under Attack

AI-driven Cloud Detection and Response for Microsoft 365

Detect, prioritize, investigate and respond to attacks affecting M365 applications and data.

Ensure a solid defense with in-depth AI detection and response

Increase threat visibility

across all M365 apps and services including SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange and Teams exposing 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques before damage.

Detect unseen attacks continually,

accurately reveal threats hiding behind trusted use of M365 services including Power Automate and eDiscovery while prioritizing what truly matters most.

Contextualize threat activity

with AI to put context at your fingertips, efficiently bringing meaning to incidents reducing complexities of investigation and response

Get ahead and stay ahead of attackers targeting M365

Experience deeper cloud coverage

Expand security beyond native M365 controls with alert support and coverage for more applications and a clear understanding of attacker methods faced.

Uncover internal threats

Expose abnormal eDiscovery queries, unusual Power Automate flows, downloads of sensitive files from SharePoint and other irregular internal behavior posing a risk.

Know about M365 attacks early

See attacker activities correlated across applications and Azure AD in every region, depicting the full attack cycle with context.

Increase efficacy

Analyze M365 data to detect and stop aggressive attacks including ransom attempts and data theft missed by signatures and simple anomaly detection.

Rapid M365 Assessment

Analyze data from a variety of sources to surface incidents against extant events, and present findings with the focus of an experienced security analyst.

Ensure efficient response

Go beyond data loss prevention (DLP) to see and stop M365 data breaches before an impact occurs

See and investigate activity throughout M365

Surface attacks manipulating trusted M365 access, apps, tools and sources.

Covers 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques across M365 applications like SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Exchange, PowerAutomate, eDiscovery and more.
Vectra CDR for Microsoft 365 - product interface screenshot
Vectra CDR for Microsoft 365 - product interface screenshot

Uncover compromised user accounts without complexity.

Observes activity from high-risk admin accounts to detect and prioritize when critical threats to the organization emerge.

Advanced Investigation and automation for rapid targeted response.

No tool pivoting with zero query, one-click answers at your fingertips for faster, more accurate threat hunting, investigation, and response.
Vectra CDR for Microsoft 365 - product interface screenshot

Why customers trust Vectra for M365

“If we didn't have Vectra and the Detect for Office 365, it would be very difficult to know if our Office 365 was compromised.”

Vectra is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), and partners on Zero Trust framework.

Vectra makes it easy to secure your M365 apps. All it takes is a few clicks to authorize Vectra’s Azure AD read-only application to start surfacing threats right away.

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Threat Detection and Response platform and services

for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Harnessing Attack Signal Intelligence to detect, hunt, and investigate known and unknown threats in real-time, empower your security team to identify attacks at the earliest possible stage and stop them before they become breaches.
Vectra platform and ecosystemVectra platform and ecosystem
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Core platform capabilities

AI-driven  Detection

Harness Security AI to expose the complete narrative of an attack and cover over 90% MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

AI-driven  Triage

Uses ML to machine security analysts’ intuition and automate alert triage reducing alert noise by over 80%.

AI-driven Prioritization

Harness Security AI to automate prioritization to escalate the threats that matter most to the business.

Advanced Investigation

Streamline research of M365 and AWS Control Plane logs to understand the attacks facing you in minutes.

Ecosystem Integrations

Integrate existing tech for correlation and context and to automate analyst workflows and response controls.

Managed Services

Managed detection, response and training services to provide the skills and the 24/7/365 reinforcements defenders need.

Explore the Vectra platform

Vectra NDR

Network Detection and Response for on-prem and cloud networks.

Vectra CDR for M365

Cloud Detection and Response for Microsoft 365 SaaS.

Vectra IDR for Azure AD

Identity Detection and Response for Microsoft AD and Azure AD.

Vectra CDR for AWS

Cloud Detection and Response for AWS services.

Vectra MDR

Managed Detection and Response services.

Vectra Ecosystem

Integrate with your existing stack.

Learn more about the Vectra platform

Understand more about the Vectra platform and its approach to threat detection and response.

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