SOC Modernization

Signature + AI-driven Detection

Signature-based detection is effective for discovering known threats. But how will you see and stop new ones? Only AI-driven detection can find unknown attacks in real time.

Signature + AI-driven Detection
Gain the upper hand against known and unknown threats

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments have created a breeding ground for cyber attackers. They have more ways to infiltrate your organization and exfiltrate your data — and are doing so with far more frequency and velocity than ever before.

It means you’re no longer just up against tens of thousands of attackers exploiting known vulnerabilities. Unknown threats are growing exponentially, and they’re a constant threat to identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks. Keeping pace with both has become an immense challenge. 

It’s time to turn the tables.

The Challenge

Signature-based detection will only get you so far

As your attack surface continues to grow, so does the risk of the unknown. But while signature-based detection is ideal for identifying known threats, it can’t find new attacks without recorded patterns. For that, you’ll need AI-driven detection.


Using AI and Signature Detection to Uncover Hidden Threats

Attackers have a big advantage in the cybersecurity gap. It’s easy for them to circumvent signatures, reputation lists and other prevention security defenses by using complex and intelligently constructed attack methods.

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The Solution

Rethink your network detection and response

Vectra NDR combines signatures for known threats with AI-driven behavior-based detection for unknown threats in a single solution. As a key component of the Vectra AI Platform, it provides complete coverage, clarity and control for end-to-end protection against hybrid and multi-cloud attacks.

AI-driven Detections

AI-driven detections go beyond signatures and anomalies to zero in on attacker TTPs across the entire cyber kill chain post-compromise, covering more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

AI-driven Triage

AI-driven triage uses deep learning to understand your unique environment, recognize what’s malicious and reduce alert noise by 85% or more — removing false positives so you can focus on what matters.

AI-driven Prioritization

AI-driven prioritization evaluates each entity against globally observed attack profiles to create an urgency rating, enabling analysts to proactively identify 3x more threats.

How it Works

Discover the power of the Vectra AI Platform

Our platform is powered by multidimensional AI built to find the unknown threats other tools can’t. Patented Attack Signal Intelligence™ sees real attacks in a sea of “different” by correlating attacker behaviors in a multi-dimensional space.

Signatures are just one part of the equation

Signature-based detection only reveals what’s known. And you can’t protect what you can’t see.

Add AI that thinks like an attacker

Vectra NDR combines signature-based detection with AI-based detection of real-time behavior for complete visibility and context on both known and unknown attacker methods.

Signature + AI-driven detection, the Vectra AI way


With consolidated attack telemetry, you get full visibility across all high-value attack surfaces including network, identity, public cloud and critical SaaS applications like M365.


We combine AI-driven detection with signature-based IOC context to expose all malicious behavior. By correlating and validating threat signals for accuracy, you know what’s malicious — so you can focus on real attacks.


The Vectra AI Platform enables security teams to accelerate the transition to AI-driven threat detection and response, without sacrificing investments already made in signatures.