Sidekick MDR 24x7x365

Human intelligence that doesn’t sleep

Vectra Sidekick MDR is a 24x7x365 eyes-on-glass service that proactively investigates malicious activity surfaced by the Vectra platform. The Sidekick team applies human intelligence and judgment to help stop ransomware attacks, insider threats and nation-state adversaries before damage is done.

The Sidekick analysts bring their expert opinion to help you get the most out of Vectra while simultaneously building knowledge and skill within your team.

24x7x365 proactive monitoring so you know when a priority 1 threat or ransomware detection requires immediate action and response.

Expertise interpreting early telltale signs of an attack, threat or ransomware surfaced by Vectra’s threat detection and response platform.

Access to experienced security analysts to help expel sophisticated adversaries and ransomware actors once detected.

A trusted security partner

Get maximum signal with minimal effort

Quickly and effectively tune for maximal signal using insights and tips gained in hundreds of customer environments.

Optimize processes and playbooks

Guidance and advice on best practices for integrating Vectra into existing workflows—as well as opportunities to optimize.

Ensure the right coverage

Make sure that your system is always in tip-top shape and getting the right data to provide the coverage you need.

Critical visibility you can't afford to miss

“It was like getting a new pair of binoculars. You don’t realize what you’re missing until you can see with absolute clarity. The insights we get all day, every day, are critical. It makes me a better analyst and a better engineer.”

Charles Davidson IT Security Analyst Private Research Institution

Learn more about the Vectra platform

Understand more about the Vectra AI-driven threat detection and response platform that powers Sidekick MDR.