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AI security for financial institutions

Stop cyberattacks and stay compliant with the world leader in AI-driven detection and response for financial institutions.

The Challenge

How protected is your organization?

Today’s sophisticated attacks can start with anyone, move anywhere and disrupt anything — even with every preventative security measure in place. Unlike other fintech cybersecurity vendors that focus on endpoints and perimeters, Vectra AI covers your entire hybrid cloud attack surface to expose threats that have already infiltrated your environment.

Customer Stories

Trusted by banking and financial services organizations worldwide

Stop real attacks in real time
“Regulatory oversight is greater and greater, and we have to prove that a control is working. Vectra AI gives us transparency so we can find control weaknesses and remediate them quickly.”
Deputy CISO
Securities Exchange
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Stop real attacks in real time
“Vectra AI, thanks to high levels of automation, minimizes the time needed to detect a threat and allows for an immediate response to stop an attack.”
Marek Jastrzębski
Director of the IT Department
mLeasing Sp. z o. o.
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Stop real attacks in real time
“We went from zero to 100% visibility into attack behaviors with Vectra AI.”
Head of Security
Financial company
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Stop real attacks in real time
“Now, we focus on investigations and proactive threat hunting instead of chasing down logs.”
John Shaffer
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Stop real attacks in real time
“With Vectra AI, I can focus on the highest-risk threats. With other solutions, I have to filter to get rid of hundreds or thousands of false positives.”
Matthias Tauber
Senior Services Manager for IT Security
DZ Bank
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Stop real attacks in real time
“Our alert volume has been reduced by 90% since Vectra AI.”
Kevin Kennedy
Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity
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The Solution

Detect and respond to attackers targeting banks and financial services

For over a decade, Vectra AI has been researching, developing, pioneering and patenting AI security centered on delivering the best attack signal on the planet — we call it Attack Signal Intelligence™.

Keep threats from becoming breaches
Stop ransomware and account takeovers before any damage is done.
AI-driven Detections

Analyze attacker behaviors across your entire hybrid or multi-cloud attack surface, with coverage for more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

AI-driven Triage

Reduce alert noise by 85% or more with machine learning that understands your environment, so you can eliminate false positives to focus on real attacks.

AI-driven Prioritization

Proactively identify 3x more threats with automated prioritization to correlate, score and rank incidents by urgency level.

How It Works

Experience the power of Vectra AI for banking and financial services

Other tools overlook sophisticated attacks

Many fintech cybersecurity tools use signature-based detection to find known attacks, but can’t identify emerging threats without recorded patterns.

We expose unknown attacks

The Vectra AI Platform exposes attacker behaviors without relying on signatures to spot all suspicious use of Ammyy, VNC, PuTTY and other remote administration tools.

Other tools create too much noise

Banking and financial services security analysts have become so used to false positives, 97% worry they’ll miss a real attack buried in the noise.

We identify real attacks in real time

We show you what matters — like Carbanak and other hidden attacks targeting banks and financial services organizations — so you can respond fast.

Other tools leave security gaps

Agent-based security leaves gaps in dynamic hybrid cloud environments. And fewer than 40% of machines will ever have agents installed — even less when you factor in IoT and OT.

We eliminate 90% of blind spots

We provide agentless detection of account takeovers and privilege abuse across identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks, eliminating 90% of attack surface blind spots.

Experience the power of Vectra AI for banking and finance


Vectra AI offers comprehensive coverage by safeguarding all connected devices and systems in your financial network – from transaction systems and databases to servers and workstations.


Vectra AI provides precise, actionable threat intelligence, streamlining your response to potential security incidents. Through machine learning and AI, it filters out the noise, bringing clarity to your financial threat landscape.


Vectra AI places control in your hands with real-time threat detection and automated responses. Stay ahead of the threat curve and minimize financial disruptions with Vectra AI.


Vectra AI supports strict cybersecurity requirements facing the financial sector while exposing unknown attackers hiding in your hybrid cloud environment.