Attack Signal

The intelligent signal that empowers security analysts to take intelligent action.

AI-driven threat detection, triage and prioritization

Take an automated risk-based approach to cyberattacks and reduce manual tasks,  alert noise and analyst burnout.

How Attack Signal Intelligence works:

Monitor your systems icon.

Think like an

AI-driven Detections go beyond signatures and anomalies to understand attacker behavior and zero in on attacker TTPs across the cyber kill chain.

Expose blindspots icon.

Know what is  malicious

AI-driven Triage analyzes detection patterns unique to your environment to surface relevant events and reduce noise.

Supply chain attack icon.

Focus on the urgent

AI-driven Prioritization provides a view of threats by severity and impact enabling analysts to focus on responding to critical threats thus lowering business risk

Vectra Attack Signal Intelligence Diagram

Prioritize real threats, not weird events

Rooted in security research and data science on attacker behavior, go beyond simple anomaly detection to detect unknown threats across your hybrid cloud and throughout the cyber kill chain.

Arms human intelligence

“The insights we get all day, every day, are critical. It makes me a better analyst and a better engineer.”

– IT Security Analyst, Private Research Institution

Built for defenders

“Vectra has given us just the right tools with minimal effort to battle against ransomware and other cyberthreats.”

– Arjan Hurkmans, IT Security Operations Manager, AS Watson

It just works

“It is one of those rare products that works the way it’s supposed to. The technology and science behind Vectra complement each other in one incredible solution.”

– Senior Security Engineer, University Healthcare System

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Vectra Attack
Signal Intelligence

Erase the unknown

The vision and strategy behind Attack Signal Intelligence

The one constant in security is more

Why the only more security needs is more signal clarity

Attack Signal Intelligence

Breaking out the spiral of More

Attack Signal Intelligence arms human intelligence

Turn the tables on attackers with AI-enabled operations

Integrated Investigations

Intuitive User Interface puts answers at analysts’ fingertips.

  • Attribute threats to compromised accounts and users.
  • Hunt for threats dwelling across the attack surface.
  • Investigate with context and forensics in a single user interface.

Automated Workflows

Reduce complexity and cost by automating manual tasks.

  • Consolidate analyst work streams in a single interface.
  • Simplify SIEM data feeds, dashboards and reporting.
  • Customize integrations to existing ticketing and reporting workflows.

Targeted Response

Analyst-driven enforcement puts humans in control of response.

Flexible native and integrated response actions triggered automatically or manually:

  • Lock an account.
  • Isolate an endpoint.
  • Trigger SOAR or ITSM playbooks.

Threat Detection and Response platform and services

for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Harnessing Attack Signal Intelligence to detect, hunt, and investigate known and unknown threats in real-time, empower your security team to identify attacks at the earliest possible stage and stop them before they become breaches.

Vectra platform and ecosystemVectra platform and ecosystem
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Signal matters.

Reduce your mean time to detect, investigate and respond to hybrid cloud attacks to minutes.

Vectra Attack Signal Intelligence prioritizes attacks in progress so you can stop them from becoming breaches.