Vectra Partner Program

Making the world a safer and fairer place and being at the forefront of AI is what we stand by. Our partnerships are an extension of our values and we embrace these powerful relationships.

Why Partner With Vectra

The Vectra Partner Program is designed to complement the way you do business. Do you sell security solutions? Provide security services? Offer managed security services? The Vectra Partner Program empowers you to help customers with relevant expertise and differentiation.

  • NDR is a fast-growing market. Get in early with a leading NDR solution that puts channel partners first.
  • Our open platform integrates with many other security solutions that are in your portfolio today.
  • Customers continue to invest in our platform as we add new features, capabilities and integrations.

Vectra Partner Engagement Models

We invest in partnerships that help make the world a safer and fairer place. Our partners are innovative, industry-leading companies that provide our customers with the expertise, services and technologies they need to secure their data and assets – from enterprise to cloud.

Sell Partners

VARs, resellers and distributors delivering best-in-class detection and response security solutions based on the Vectra platform.

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Managed Service Partners

Managed security services partners that leverage the Vectra platform to provide 24/7 advanced threat-detection and response services.

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Service Partners

Consultants and ISVs that use the Vectra platform and APIs to maximize ROI and enable secure digital transformation for their customers.

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Build Partners

Industry-leading security solutions that integrate with the Vectra platform to provide end-to-end protection against advanced threats.

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What our partners are saying

Adding the Vectra Cognito AI platform to our portfolio ensures that our clients can benefit from rapid detection of cyberattacks, regardless of the complexity of their network, and respond rapidly before data is stolen.

– Jean-Marc Odet, general manager of Interdata

Vectra's ability to continuously and actively identify abnormal network behavior to stop an attack fill this critical gap.

– Adam Davison, PM director, Cloud Distribution

Vectra has created one of the most promising solutions in the world in the field of security.

– Luca Marinelli, CEO & GM of Exclusive Networks