Advanced Persistent Threat Detection

Protect against APT attacks

Sophisticated attackers know how to hide in your environment. We know how to find them.

The Landscape

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) can lurk for weeks, months or even years. Finding them is unusual — early detection is rare.

The longer an attacker has access to your systems, the more tactics they can deploy to steal sensitive data. But most security analysts are buried under so many alerts that discovering an advanced APT tends to be the exception. You need a way to stop APTs at the moment of infiltration.

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Basic security won't stop attackers from establishing APTs

While fortifying your defenses is essential, 100% prevention is impossible. Once an APT attack bypasses your prevention tools, every second counts — it’s only a matter of time before your intellectual property is exposed.

See and stop APT attacks in real time
Platform in Action

See and stop APT attacks in real time

Whether deployed by nation-state actors or through a supply chain attack, APT groups know how to outsmart your security prevention tools. See how our integrated signal helps you stop live attacks before any damage is done.

See it in action
The Solution

Turn the tables on APT attackers

Powered by the industry’s most advanced Attack Signal Intelligence™, the Vectra AI Platform finds attacks others can’t. So you can see and stop advanced persistent threats in minutes. 

Get the upper hand with AI-driven detection and response
AI-driven detections

Automated AI-driven detections focus on the techniques APTs deploy to move laterally across identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks.

Advanced investigations

Security-led AI gives you the full narrative of APTs in your environment, from infiltration to detection, so you can investigate and respond in minutes.

24x7x365 coverage

With Managed Detection and Response, Vectra AI reinforcements work alongside your analysts for 24/7 coverage.

How it Works

Identify APT attacks anywhere in your environment

Other tools leave gaps

Sophisticated attackers know where to hide, and can stay undetected for a prolonged period of time while progressing across your identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks.

We provide complete coverage

With consolidated attack telemetry across your entire hybrid attack surface, the Vectra AI Platform provides the threat intelligence your security team needs to hunt and investigate threat actors.

Other tools lack visibility

Many SOC teams are overwhelmed by alerts — don’t let attackers hide behind the flood of false positives.

We give you clarity

Our patented Attack Signal Intelligence thinks like an attacker to expose malicious activity. By correlating and validating threat signals for accuracy, we show you what’s urgent — so you can focus on real APT attacks in real time.

Other tools increase risk

As organizations shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, unpatched third-party software and poorly configured on-premises servers work for (instead of against) APT attacks.

We put you in control

Move at the speed and scale of APT attackers by arming your SOC analysts with integrated, automated and co-managed investigation and response.