Ransomware Detection

Detect ransomware before it starts

Ransomware payloads are the endgame. If you see one — it’s already too late. Detect the earliest signs of an attack with Vectra AI.

The Landscape

Why wait for a ransom note when you can detect an attack early?

Detecting the first signs of attacker activity in your environment is the ONLY proven way to stop ransomware. In fact, organizations with fully deployed AI-driven ransomware detection and response contain breaches 28 days faster than those that don’t.* We help you find the ransomware attacks other security tools can’t. So you can see and stop them in real time.

*Source: IBM

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Detecting ransomware takes too long

More than 70% of security analysts believe threat actors have already infiltrated their environment. But finding and remediating ransomware with traditional threat detection tools takes much longer than other types of attacks. 

Detect ransomware attacks in real time
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Detect ransomware attacks in real time

Experience how enterprises use the Vectra AI Platform to detect ransomware long before exfiltration or encryption.

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The Solution

Early ransomware detection means business as usual

The Vectra AI Platform runs on Attack Signal Intelligence™ to spot the earliest signs of ransomware threats.

Detect attacks anywhere in your environment
Including identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks.
AI-driven detections

Automated detections find attackers that slipped past your prevention tools before they can inflict irreversible damage.

Advanced investigations

See which host devices, workloads and user accounts are impacted so you have the right data to investigate.

24x7x365 coverage

Hackers don’t take holidays — and neither should your ransomware protection. Our skilled analysts reinforcements are available 24/7.

How it Works

Why detect ransomware with Vectra AI?

Other tools add more noise

It’s impossible to detect various types of ransomware if you're fielding thousands of daily alerts and false positives.

We surface what matters

Our integrated signal focuses on finding the unknown attacks other solutions miss, so you can investigate and stop legitimate threats in minutes.

Other tools introduce risk

Some ransomware detection vendors will try to convince you decryption is needed — not true. Decrypting data violates privacy laws and exposes personally identifiable information (PII).

We keep you compliant

Our data scientists use a unique approach to detect threats inside encrypted SSL/TLS 1.3 traffic, so you’ll never face the risk of exposed PII.

Other tools leave gaps

As organizations shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, the time between patches can create dangerous vulnerabilities.

We provide continual coverage

Our integrated, automated and co-managed investigation and response helps you quickly catch ransomware infections.