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See the Vectra AI Platform in action

Follow along as a 30,000-employee manufacturing firm relies on the Vectra AI Platform to detect the earliest signs of an active cyberattack.


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How does the Vectra AI Platform enable early detection?

The Vectra AI Platform is powered by Attack Signal Intelligence, advanced AI that thinks like an attacker to automate threat detection, triage and prioritization of real security incidents. Rather than sorting through thousands of false positives, security analysts can focus on hunting, investigating and stopping actual attacks in real time.

Are the results in these video demos common?

Yes. Vectra AI customers consistently reduce alert noise by 80% or more and eliminate 90% of attack surface blind spots. With 12 references in the MITRE D3FEND framework — more than any other vendor — only the Vectra AI Platform provides threat detection and response capable of stopping unknown attacks in minutes.

What makes the Vectra AI Platform different?

While other vendors prioritize sales and marketing, Vectra AI invests in research and development. Only Vectra AI’s extensive team of security researchers, data scientists and engineers have been developing advanced Attack Signal Intelligence for more than a decade.