AI-driven defense for government agencies

Find attacks other tech can’t with the world leader in AI-driven detection and response for governments.

The Challenge

How protected are you from emerging AI-driven hybrid cloud attacks?

Adversaries harness AI — so should governments and critical infrastructure. As nation-state attacks and APTs become more sophisticated at using AI to execute their attacks, agencies must move at the speed of attackers to safeguard critical data.

The Solution

AI-driven XDR for hybrid cloud attack defense

No other threat detection and response vendor has been developing AI security so thoroughly — or for so long. Our patented Attack Signal Intelligence™ automates detection, triage and prioritization of sophisticated hybrid attacks to make government security teams as efficient as possible.

The world is counting on you to protect critical infrastructure
Now you can count on Vectra AI.
AI-driven Detections

Analyze attacker behaviors across your network and hybrid cloud attack surface, with coverage for more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

AI-driven Triage

Instantly reduce alert noise by 85% or more with machine learning that understands your environment, so you can eliminate false positives without building countless triage filters.

AI-driven Prioritization

Automatically correlate, score and rank incidents by urgency level so SOC teams focus on real attacks in progress.

How It Works

Identify and neutralize attackers that have already infiltrated government systems

Today’s sophisticated attackers know how to hide

Once attackers bypass your prevention controls, they can lurk for weeks, months or even years. And the longer today’s sophisticated attacks have access to your systems, the more tactics they can deploy to steal sensitive data.

We detect threats at the moment of infiltration

With 12 references in the MITRE D3FEND framework — more than any other vendor — only Vectra AI provides adaptive detection capabilities powerful enough to reveal the earliest signs of compromise.

IoT and OT create security gaps

Fewer than 40% of machines will ever have agents installed — far less once you factor in IoT and OT — creating huge gaps in dynamic hybrid cloud environments.

We support agentless detection

Eliminate 90% of attack surface blind spots with AI-driven detections to analyze post-compromise behaviors across identity, public cloud, SaaS and data center networks.

Unknown attacks progress quickly

Privileged access management and air-gapped environments can be a strong start — but they’re far from failproof. Today’s attackers thrive on their ability to evade your preventive controls and progress unseen.

We show you where attackers are active

Vectra AI uses patented Privileged Access Analytics (PAA) to identify access from unknown hosts, while patented algorithms correlate behaviors across your infrastructure for a clear view of compromise anywhere attackers are active.

Unmatched cybersecurity for government agencies


Unparalleled coverage safeguards all facets of federal networks, from critical infrastructure to sensitive data repositories.


Precise and actionable attack signal intelligence enables swift and decisive action to remediate and mitigate risks.


Integrated forensic investigation context and automated response empowers agencies to stay ahead of emerging threats.