Supply Chain Attack Prevention

Prevent supply chain attacks

Digital supply chain attacks are on the rise — and could leave your enterprise exposed. We find and stop attackers exploiting supply chains before a patch is available.

The Landscape

Patching won’t save you from a supply chain attack

Skilled attackers can easily evade your VPNs and firewalls with malicious code embedded deep in third-party software. And because vulnerabilities leave you dependent on patches from multiple vendors, they can easily evade detection for months. Now more than ever, you need to proactively find and stop attackers exploiting supply chains — not just wait on patching.

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There will be a next time

With intricate dependencies across the software ecosystem, bad actors are bound to find a workable attack vector. All it takes is a single vulnerability in an obscure package to expose every enterprise organization to major risk.

All hope is not lost
Research Report

All hope is not lost

Even the most up-to-date software development best practices can't save you from sophisticated nation-state supply chain attacks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take back control.

Vectra AI reveals the earliest signs of attacker activity so you won’t fall prey to the next SunBurst SolarWinds.

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The Solution

Stop the next Log4Shell or SolarWinds supply chain attack

Powered by the industry’s most advanced Attack Signal Intelligence™, the Vectra AI Platform finds attacker methods mapped out in the MITRE ATT&CK and D3FEND frameworks.

Stop supply chain threats before damage is done
With better coverage and fewer false positives
AI-driven detections

Automated AI-driven detections focus on the methods attackers use to move laterally across data centers, public cloud and SaaS.

Advanced investigations

Security-led AI stitches together attack progression with the right context, empowering analysts to investigate and respond in minutes.

24x7x365 coverage

Cyber attackers don’t take vacations — and neither should your cybersecurity. Vectra AI gives you 24/7 coverage with skilled analyst reinforcements.

How it Works

Only Vectra AI reveals the earliest signs of a supply chain attack

When comparing threat detection and response solutions, 4 in 5 customers choose Vectra AI. This powerful platform lets you identify critical threats sooner — even before the supply chain attack is publicly disclosed and IoCs are published.

Patching leaves you dependent

Over-reliance on patches and post-compromise restoration means many SOC teams are constantly playing catch up with the exploit of the day.

We give you more control

Our cybersecurity AI ensures you’ll know about an attack without waiting for patches. It arms your team with high-fidelity attack detections, including east-west lateral movements, reconnaissance, command and control and use of stolen accounts.

Other tools don’t differentiate

The first thing cyberattackers do after breaching a defense? Move laterally in search of privileged accounts — ones that can access sensitive data. But other tools bury that activity in thousands of alerts.

We learn account privilege

Our patented Privileged Access Analytics (PAA) automatically focuses on accounts most useful to attackers so you can stop progression along the privileged pathway before supply chain attacks become possible.

Other tools just add noise

As enterprises shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments and embrace digital supply chains, security leaders are plagued by more anomalies to monitor and rules to maintain. But with thousands of false positives, it’s impossible to see where your organization is actually compromised.

We show you what matters

The Vectra AI Platform uses machine learning to detect patterns and distinguish malicious activity from benign events. When a critical alert appears, you know it’s worth investigating. It’s how our customers find 3x more threats while reducing alert noise 80% or more.