SOC Modernization

EDR Extension

Endpoint detection is no longer enough for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises. Vectra NDR adds the integrated signal you need to power XDR and reveal unknown attacks.

EDR Extension
The Change

Endpoint detection is now just the start

Sophisticated attackers have evolved their methods to get around endpoint detection and response solutions, which means EDR is now just one part of the threat detection and response equation. Your EDR system won't cover unmanaged devices, and can't tell you where attackers are already hiding in your hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

You need a more comprehensive way to move at the speed of hybrid attackers. The answer lies in integrated signal across your entire attack surface.

The Challenge

EDR is no longer enough

With hundreds of thousands of new cyber threats appearing daily, EDR solutions are no longer suitable for enterprise environments that encompass public cloud, identity, SaaS and data center networks. It’s time for a modern approach.

Best Practices

Filling EDR Visibility Gaps with the Vectra AI Platform

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools have grown in popularity based on their ability to detect and stop attackers targeting employees via the endpoint. However, mounting evidence suggests EDR is only one piece of the threat detection and response equation. As EDRs have become a mainstay for enterprises, attackers have evolved their methods and tradecraft to get around them.

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The Solution

Integrated signal at speed and scale is the only answer

With the planet’s most advanced Attack Signal Intelligence™ at its core, the Vectra AI Platform delivers the integrated signal that powers extended detection and response (XDR) solutions.

Power your XDR
with AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence
AI-driven Detections

AI-driven detections analyze post-compromise attacker behaviors across network, identity, cloud and SaaS infrastructure, covering more than 90% of MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

AI-driven Triage

AI-driven triage uses machine learning to understand your unique environment, distinguish between malicious and benign events and reduce alert noise by 85% or more.

AI-driven Prioritization

AI-driven prioritization correlates, scores and ranks incidents by urgency level, enabling analysts to proactively identify 3x more threats.

How it Works

We find the attacks EDR can’t

We deliver the integrated signal you need to find attacks no matter your pane of glass — EDR, XDR and everything in between.

EDR can’t be everywhere

Without a way to monitor vendor appliances and OT equipment, EDRs leave significant visibility gaps. 

We fill critical gaps with our integrated signal

The Vectra AI Platform reveals the attackers that slipped past your prevention security tools before they can progress.

EDR has blind spots

The host-centric view of EDR tools doesn’t account for the interconnectivity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

We provide visibility with AI-driven detection

The Vectra AI Platform provides the pivotal insights your security team needs to protect your expanding attack surface.

EDR is noisy

Analysts waste too many critical hours sifting through thousands of alerts to assess each one.

We surface what’s urgent

Thanks to AI-driven triage and machine learning that understands your environment, you can trust Vectra AI to only send the alerts that matter.

XDR, the Vectra AI way


With consolidated attack telemetry across your entire hybrid attack surface, you get the visibility you need to streamline threat hunting and investigations.


We combine AI-driven detection with signature-based context to expose all malicious behavior. By correlating and validating threat signals for accuracy, you know what’s malicious — so you can focus on real attacks.


Arm your SOC analysts with integrated, automated and co-managed investigation and response, so you can fill the gaps in your endpoint detection.