Secure Healthcare, Empowered by Vectra AI

Protect your patients, data, and reputation from cyberattacks with Vectra AI's industry-leading cybersecurity platform.

The Challenge

The Threats to Healthcare Cybersecurity

The healthcare sector handles extremely sensitive data while providing critical services, which are appealing targets to cybercriminals.

Healthcare organizations have access to a large amount of sensitive patient data, such as medical records, social security numbers, and credit card numbers. This data is very valuable to attackers, who can sell it on the dark web or use it to commit identity theft.

Healthcare organizations also often have complex and distributed IT infrastructures and the increasing use of IoT devices adds another layer of vulnerability that needs constant monitoring and protection. In addition, healthcare organizations may be reluctant to report cyberattacks to law enforcement or the media, for fear of damaging their reputations and losing patients.

The Solution

Vectra AI: The Healthcare Cybersecurity Solution You Need

Vectra AI provides healthcare organizations with the most comprehensive and effective cybersecurity platform available to help them detect, investigate, and respond to attacks quickly and effectively.

AI-driven Detections

The healthcare sector experiences multifaceted cyber-attacks, requiring exhaustive investigative resources and leading to slower threat response times. Vectra AI offers real-time threat detection that picks up anomalies across your network, enabling you to act swiftly. Coupled with automated investigations powered by AI, you can respond effectively to complex and layered cyber threats.

AI-driven Triage

The widespread use of IoT devices exposes healthcare networks to a broader attack surface. With Vectra AI, gain full visibility and control over every IoT device on your network. We ensure that your entire IoT ecosystem remains protected against potential cyber threats.

AI-driven Prioritization

Cybercriminals often manipulate seemingly harmless communications to trick staff members into compromising security protocols. Vectra AI’s AI-driven behavioural analytics provides personalised risk scores that differentiate between legitimate and suspicious activities, neutralising social engineering attacks before they can cause harm.

How It Works

Vectra AI – Coverage, Clarity, Control


Our AI-driven platform gives you seamless visibility and monitoring over your entire IT infrastructure - from the cloud to IoT devices, ensuring there are no blind spots in your cybersecurity landscape.


Complex threat intelligence is rendered into clear insights with Vectra AI's actionable reporting. Understand the 'who', 'what', and 'where' of every security threat, improving your decision-making process in any given incident.


Vectra AI enables you to swiftly isolate affected systems, limiting potential damage. Our AI-driven threat hunting allows you to proactively identify and nullify risks, giving you complete control over your cybersecurity environment.