Vectra Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) for Azure AD

Identity Threat Detection and Response for Azure AD
Know when your Azure AD services are compromised

Detect, prioritize, investigate and respond to attacks targeting Azure AD access and data in your Microsoft 365, Salesforce and AWS environments.

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Stop account misuse and identity theft in Microsoft Azure AD

Our AI continuously monitors and detects cyberattacks in Azure AD

Monitor federated apps & SaaS services

Continuously observe AWS and M365 to detect attacks across users and admins to strengthen IAM/PAM enforcement.

Our AI -driven platform detects malicious activity and identity-based cyberattacks in Azure AD

Identify SaaS account misuse

Detect malicious activity with Vectra’s Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence for clarity about identity-based attacks with >90% less noise than SIEM rules or native alerting.

Our platform detects and alerts when MFA is bypassed in Azure AD

Expose threat actors fast

Easily discern user, region, host device history and threat context where MFA is bypassed to speed Azure AD investigation without queries or additional tools.

Core platform capabilities

AI-driven Detection

Harness Security AI to expose the complete narrative of an attack and cover over 90% MITRE ATT&CK techniques.

AI-driven Triage

Uses ML to machine security analysts’ intuition and automate alert triage reducing alert noise by over 80%.

AI-driven prioritization

Harness Security AI to automate prioritization to escalate the threats that matter most to the business.

Advanced Investigation

Streamline research of M365 and AWS Control Plane logs to understand the attacks facing you in minutes.

Ecosystem Integrations

Integrate existing tech for correlation and context and to automate analyst workflows and response controls.

Managed Services

Managed detection, response and training services to provide the skills and the 24/7/365 reinforcements defenders need.

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