AI security for telecommunications companies

Protect your customers, data, and reputation from cyberattacks with Vectra AI's industry-leading cybersecurity platform.

The Challenge


The telecommunications industry is facing an unprecedented cybersecurity threat landscape, with sophisticated ransomware, phishing and other attacks increasingly targeting your infrastructure. Vectra AI empowers you with the industry’s most comprehensive AI-driven cybersecurity platform so you can detect, investigate and respond to attacks across your entire IT infrastructure — cloud, data center, IoT, and enterprise networks.


The telecommunications industry cybersecurity challenge

Telecommunications networks comprise massive volumes of data and complex connected infrastructures, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals. Staying ahead of evolving cyber threats while ensuring continuous service is an arduous task, intensified by the rapid IoT growth and insurgence of 5G technologies.

Find the attacks other solutions miss
Our Customers

Find the attacks other solutions miss

When a multinational telecommunications company needed to monitor numerous geographic locations and AWS virtual private clouds, they turned to Vectra AI.

With the Vectra AI platform, security analysts can pinpoint and mitigate in-progress attacks — long before they lead to breaches.

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The Solution

The approach is simple

The results undeniable


Vectra AI offers advanced AI-powered threat detection to promptly identify and counteract unauthorized activities, protecting critical network data.


Vectra AI’s real-time response mechanism acts quickly to neutralize threats, ensuring seamless continuity of your services to build trust and protect revenue.


The Vectra AI Platform equips you for the future, offering compatibility with evolving technologies such as IoT and 5G while maintaining stringent security standards.

End-to-end coverage. Comprehensive clarity. Complete control.


Vectra AI provides extensive coverage across your entire telecommunication infrastructure, offering consistent, effective cybersecurity safeguards for your sprawling network.


Vectra AI strives to simplify the intricate world of cybersecurity, rendering complex threat intelligence into understandable, actionable insights, fostering informed cybersecurity decision-making.


With Vectra AI, retain absolute control of your cybersecurity landscape. Isolate compromised systems instantly, averting substantial damage and maintaining complete authority over your network.