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The Vectra Threat Detection and Response platform provides end-to-end protection against advanced threats – from the enterprise to the cloud and data centers – by integrating a wide range of best-in-class security solutions.

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As a Vectra technology partner, you’re part of a preeminent ecosystem. We have a comprehensive API augmented by tools and a vast user community that integrates the Vectra NDR platform with your technology stack​. Vectra even integrates with tools outside of our partnerships.

Vectra Integrations with Security Technologies


Endpoint Security


Security Orchestration

Traffic Optimization


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What our partners are saying

"Adding the Vectra Cognito AI platform to our portfolio ensures that our clients can benefit from rapid detection of cyberattacks, regardless of the complexity of their network, and respond rapidly before data is stolen."

– Jean-Marc Odet, general manager of Interdata

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