Revolutionize manufacturing cybersecurity with Vectra AI

Secure your processes, products and intellectual property with top-tier cyber defense.

The Challenge

Cybersecurity challenges in manufacturing

Manufacturing industries are teeming with intellectual property, trade secrets and proprietary processes – making you a prime target for cybercriminals. In a sector increasingly relying on smart technology and interconnectivity, the danger of massive disruption due to cyber threats is all too real.

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The Solution

The approach is simple

The results undeniable

AI-driven Detections

Vectra AI offers complete protection across your network, detecting anomalies and threats and preventing lateral movement of cybercriminals from one system to another.

AI-driven Triage

Vectra AI’s proactive defense identifies early indicators of threats to ensure your precious intellectual property — designs, patents, and trade secrets and more — remains secure.

AI-driven Prioritization

Vectra AI's platform quickly identifies and eliminates threats, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous and reliable operations.

How It Works